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Barclays Teatro Nazionale
Museo Diocesano
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Spazio Scalarini
Studio Area 22
La Posteria
I Chiostri dell’Umanitaria
Cartiere Vannucci
Palazzo Visconti
Castello di Macconago
Fonderie Napoleoniche

Provincia milano

Villa Casati Stampa
Cascina al Pozzo
Villa Airaghi
Casa Villa
La Valera di Arese
Cascina Boscaccio
Pro loco Bussero

Lecco e brianza

Villa Walter Fontana
Villa Sant’Ubaldo alla Fornace
Castello di Rossino
La Lodovica

Pavia e provincia

Rocca di Montalfeo
Antico Borgo della Certosa
Castello Procaccini

Varese e provincia

Antica Stanza Cortese
Villa Giuliana
Villa Repui
Villa Monvecchio Barilli
Villa Muggia
Villa Caproni

Novara e provincia

Villa Pestalozza
Villa Ortea
La Camilluccia


Como: Villa Parravicini
Bergamo: Castello degli Angeli
Piacenza: Castello di Paderna
Sanremo: Villa Ormond

Special Projects

Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia

From the collaboration between Doma – Food & Party Design and Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, an historic restaurant in Milan that, for 50 years, has served some of the best food in Italy, dishes custom made for each customer with style that is both artisan yet highly professional. Recognized by long time customers: Doma – Food & Party Design, and the undisputed quality of Il Luogo’s cuisine.

Proposals are realized only after private meetings in which the needs of the client are fully explored. All possibilities are examined one by one from style to service, menu, pairings, tastings and whatever is possible to offer based on the type of event and message the client wishes to communicate to its guests.

Al Nazionale…Naturalmente

To enjoy a relaxing break in the center of Milan, to enjoy a surprising and unexpected neighborhood, to relax with a refreshing drink, we look forward to seeing you at the National Theater.

Open Monday to Saturday, from 11AM to 10PM, we will keep you company whether on your lunch break featuring a menu prepared from high quality natural raw materials, to your evening aperitivo, when we hope to delight you with our cocktails and tasty treats

Al Nazionale… Naturalmente
Via G. Rota 1
20149 Milano